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  • Fisheries extension - Interacting with fishers
  • Training and demostration on cage farming to students
  • Practical training for Sidi tribes on cage farmimg
  • Studies on fish market dynamics

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Thrust Areas of Research:

Valuation of marine fish landings at landing centre as well as retail levels
Production and marketing and supply chain management of marine fisheries in India
Responsible Fisheries Extension
Gender mainstreaming
Economic implications of climate change and developing social models for reducing the vulnerability of coastal communities to climate change
International trade analysis in seafood trade and Fish market grid


Ongoing Research Projects:

a. In-house Research Projects during XII Plan (2012-17):

Economics of marine fisheries and sustainable management: Policy Issues and Interventions
An input output economic optimization model for marine fisheries at Tuticorin Fishing harbour.
Capacity Development for Ecosystem Based Responsible Fisheries Management in India - A Co-Learning action research
Supply chain management of marine fisheries sector in India
Gender Mainstreaming and Impact of Self Help Groups in Marine Fisheries Sector

b. Externally Funded Projects during XII Plan:

Global learning for local solutions: reducing vulnerability of marine dependent coastal communities
Study on the Estimation of Input Cost of the Marine Fishery (including prawns and high valued fish)
Economic valuation of seasonal fishing ban on marine fisheries services in selected maritime States of India

Completed Research Projects:

a. In-house Projects during XI Plan (2007-12):

Benefit cost analysis of marine fishery business and alternative options
A diagnostic study on dimensions, causes, and ameliorative strategies of poverty and marginalization among the marine fisherfolk of India
Impact of WTO regulations on Indian fisheries trade: A policy   perspective
Total factor productivity analysis of marine fisheries research in India
Coastal rural indebtedness and impact of microfinance in marine fisheries sector

b. Externally Funded Projects during XI Plan:

An assessment of literacy, income and health status of fishers in India
Preparing for climate change in marine system of Australia and India
Empowering women through fish processing and marketing in Kerala

c. Consultancy Projects Completed during XI Plan (2007-12):

Socio Economic survey of Fishermen in Pondicherry and Karaikal regions.
Socio economic dimensions of sea weed farming in India

Note: * During the time of the project

Significant Achievements in the last 5 years


  • Data base on Economics of different marine fishing methods, Valuation of marine fish landings, Private capital formation in Indian Fishing Industry and spatio-temporal prices of commercially traded fisheries
  • EBRFM based communication tools –Video Film on Low carbon fishing
  • A comprehensive methodology for assessment of Gender Mainstreaming in marine fisheries sector.
  • A multidimensional scale of measuring the effectiveness of Self Help Groups in marine fisheries sector
  • A movie on Success story of Women’s Self help groups in marine fisheries sector as a component of ICT Module in Gender (an interactive multimedia cyber extension package).
  • A fish market grid for selected markets in coastal Kerala
  • Value chain approach for developing Carbon budgeting in marine fishing operations
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