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Dr.Shyam S Salim

Tel: 0484 4047231; Cell: 
Role:Principal Scientist
Focus of Research:
  • Resource economics and market research
  • Policy research and International trade
  • Socio Economics, Vulnerability studies and Climate change

Post PhD in Agricultural Economics, worked as a Scientist at the Central Institute of Fisheries Education, ICAR and provided student guidance and proven research accomplishment in fisheries sector.   Later joined CMFRI as a Senior Scientist, with expertise in niche areas of fisheries economics and management, markets and trade, climate change and policy research. I am currently coordinating the international Climate change research project and its implications on food security. Developed considerable international linkage with AISRF, MSU, Belmont Forum and G8 Research Councils. Leads the pioneer research on Supply chain management of marine fisheries sector in India and its policy perspectives

  • PhD  2003  Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
  • PGDBA 2000 Marketing & Management, Pondicherry University
  • MSc  1998  Agricultural Economics, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
  • BSc   1996  Agricultural, Kerala Agricultural University 
Current Research Projects
No Title Funded By
1. Global learning for local solutions: Reducing vulnerability of marine-dependent coastal communities” (GULLS) the Belmont Project Belmont forum
2. Supply chain management of marine fisheries sector in India CMFRI
3. Economics of marine fisheries and sustainable management: Policy Issues  and Interventions CMFRI
4. National Initiative on Climate Resilient agriculture (NICRA) ICAR
5. A study on the estimation of Input cost of Marine Fishery (including Prawns and High valued Fish) for arriving at Gross Value Added (GVA) MOSPI ,Govt of India
6. Development of Fishery Management Plans for Sustaining Marine Fisheries of Gujarat CMFRI
7. Evaluation of Ornamental gastropod fisheries in India  and assessment of shell craft industry CMFRI
Awards & Recognitions:
  • 2008 Best Teacher Hiralal Chaudharai award in Central Instite of Fisheries Education
  • 2013 Shyam.S.Salim et al, Best paper award for Oral presentation on ‘Coastal Fishers perception on Climate change causes and effects: A PARS methodology framework’, International Symposium, Theme on Greening Fisheries: Towards Green technologies in Fisheries, Technical Session 4: ‘Action Blue’-Special Initiatives for a Better Tomorrow in Fisheries.
  • 2012- till date - Academic Council member, Kerala Agricultural University
  • 2014 Visiting faculty member under the Visiting Scholars to Advance Science Grants (VISTAS) Visiting Scholar Program funded by the Michigan State University (MSU), Michigan, USA  under Environmental Science and Policy Program for developing joint proposals for funding by the US National Science Foundation Coastal SEES programme.
  • Research mentor ,for Michigan State  University student  on her  Full bright scholarship work on Gender and livelihoods: Differential effects of  closed fishing season in India


Best 5 Publications:

1. Shyam, S Salim and Sathiadhas, R and Narayanakumar, R and Katiha, Pradeep K and Krishnan, M and Biradar, R S and Gopal, Nikita and Barik, N and Ganesh Kumar, B (2013) Rural Livelihood Security: Assessment of Fishers’ Social Status in India. Agricultural Economics Research Review, 26. pp. 21-30.
2. Shyam, S Salim, Bindu Antony and and Geetha, R (2013) Women Empwermnet and Fisheries Sector in Kerala published by Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute,Cochin pp 167
3. Shyam.S.Salim and R.S.Biradar (2009) Indian shrimp trade : Reflections and Prospects in the Post WTO Scenario Asian Fisheries Science Journal 2009 – Vol. 22(2):805-821
4. Shyam, S Salim and Sekhar, C and Uma, K and Rajesh, S R (2004) Export performance of Indian fisheries in the context of globalisation. Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics, 59 (3). pp. 446-464.
5. Shyam S. Salim, R. S. Biradar and S. K. Pandey (2005) “Introduction to Fisheries Economics and Marketing published by Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Mumbai pp 489.

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