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  • Penaeid shrimp landings at Vypin landing centre
  • Trainees interaction with scientist on Taxonomy and identification of commercially important crustaceans
  • Low value bycatch landed at Kasimedu fisheries harbour (Chennai)    

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Thrust areas of research

Assessment of fishery and resource characteristics of Penaeid and non Penaeid shrimps, lobsters and crabs landed along different maritime states of the Indian coast.
Stock assessment of major exploited crustacean resources for each maritime state along the Indian coast and development of fisheries management advisories for Maharashtra.
Evaluation of bycatch and discards landed by trawlers and assess the impact on fishery resources.
Recruitment dynamics of Penaeid shrimps along the Indian coast.
GIS based resources mapping of distribution and abundance of finfishes and shellfishes off Indian Coast. Evaluation of the fishery and resource characteristics of exploied pelagic resources growth, migration and stock assessment of major exploited pelagic fishery resources-by direct development of fisheries management advisories for Kerala, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Orissa and West Bengal and Lakshwadeep.
Assessment of molluscan fisheries and shellcraft industries all along the Indian coast.
Conduct studies on the biology of major commercial molluscan resources.
Developing and commercializing mariculture technologies for molluscs.
Developing regional fisheries management plans (FMPs) for the bivalve fisheries of IndiaDeveloping value chain approach for high value bivalves and oceanic squids.


Ongoing Research Projects:


Project title & Code

Present Status/ Remarks


Resource Assessment and Management framework for sustaining marine fisheries of Maharashtra (CFD/RMS/13) PI: Dr. Anulekshmi Chellappan

Inhouse-Continuing 2017-2024

Implications of recruitment dynamics and spatio-temporal stock assessment of marine prawns of India for fisheries management (CFD/REC/14). PI: Dr. P.T. Sarada

Inhouse-Continuing 2017-2022

Fishery Management Plans (FMPs) and recruitment dynamics of bivalves (MFD/BIV/15). PI: Dr. Geetha Sasikumar

Inhouse Continuing 2017-2024

Resource management of marine gastropods of selected maritime states of India (MFD/BIV/SUB/15) DPI: Ms. Kavitha M

Inhouse Continuing 2017-2022

Popularizing Eco-friendly Molluscan Farming Strategies (MFD/MOL/17). Dr. P.K.Asokan

Inhouse Continuing 2017-2024

Techniques for mass production of bivalve seed (MFD/SEED/16) PI: Dr. M.K.Anil

Inhouse Continuing 2020-2024

Mapping of wetlands in Andaman and Nicobar Island. Dr. A.P. Dineshbabu

ISRO-SAC Funded Project 2019-2022

Sustainable alternative livelihood for coastal fishing communities along Palghar district of Maharashtra: Molluscan mariculture approach PI: Dr. Santhosh N. Bhendekar

Mangrove & MBCF, Maharashtra 2020-2022

Completed Projects(2007-12)

a. In house Projects

Application of trophic modeling in marine fisheries management
Developing management advisories for sustaining marine fisheries of Andhra Pradesh

b. Sponsored Projects

MoES – Farming and pearl production in the black lip pearl oyster Pinctada margaritifera
MPEDA – Demonstration of responsible fishing practices for the trawl fisheries of Gujarat State.
DST – Development of shallow water grow-out techniques for the venerid clam, Paphia malabarica (Chemnitz) and the corbiculid clam, Villorita cyprinoides (Grey).

c. Consultancy Projects

ADB - Project Preparatory Technical Assistance for coastal protection structures in Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka

Significant Achievements in the last 5 years

Significant Achievements in the last 5 years

Technologies/ concepts/ findings

  • Protocol culture of black tiger prawn, Penaeus Monodon (Fabricius) in open sea floating cage.
  • Culture of Asian sea bass, Lates Calcarifer (Bloch,1790) in open sea floating cage off Kakinada coast in the bay of Bengal,
  • Development of nursery rearing system for Asian sea bass, Lates Calcarifer (Bloch,1790) in the floating cage in sea.
  • Open sea floating cage- a device for domestication and brood stock development of greasy grouper, Epinephelus tauvina (Forsskal,1775) off Visakhapatnam in the Bay of Bengal.
  • Identification of Arachidonic acid from littoral Oligochaete Pontodrilus Bermudensis as Penaeid shrimp maturation stimulator.
  • Protocol for culture of littoral Oligochaete Pontodrilus Bermudensis
  • Publications: International-22, National-57, Special publications-4, book chapters-39, posters-2 and others-109.
  • Books: 1. Handbook of Prawns, 2.Handbook of Marine Prawns of India
  • MSY and FMSY for shrimps targeted by trawlers in Maharashtra were estimated as 44,647 t and 7.75 million trawling hours. The optimum number of trawlers in the state was computed at 2,778 as against present fleet of 5,613, indicating overcapacity in the trawling fleet.
  • Average annual all India trawl landings for the period 2008-2011 is 17,21,000 t. which formed 51 % of the total marine fish landings in the country.

  • Farming technologies for mussels, oysters, pearl oysters, clams.
  • Commercial mussel and oyster farming was extended to new areas in Kerala and Karnataka and the 2011 production was estimated at 12,950 tonnes.
  • Controlled breeding and spat production in Pinctada fucata, Crassostrea madrasensis, Perna viridis, Perna indica, Marcia opima, Paphia malabarica, Meretrix meretrix, Placuna placenta.
  • An automatic mussel seeder developed for seeding mussels on to ropes.
  • Several oyster and oceanic squid products developed in collaboration with NIFPHATT which were test marketed in Kochi successfully
  • Blacklip pearl oyster spat production process, farming protocols and pearl and mabe pearl production technologies
  • Depuration protocols for oysters and clams
  • Development of live oyster value chain, Depuration display unit and protocols developed for live oyster consumption in high end restaurants.
  • Process/protocols for steam shucking of oysters and clams (Patent application made in 2013).
  • Developed all technological know-how for the launch of the oceanic squid value chain including fishing methods, area and season of abundance, stock abundance in relation to environmental factors, MSY and plan for exploitation.
  • Determined that FAD fishing for cuttlefish is destructive to the stock and as per CMFRI advice the Government of Karnataka has banned the fishing practice.
  • Developed Fishery Management Plan (FMP) for Ashtamudi Lake short-neck clam fisheries, based on which the Kollam District administration has formed the Ashtamudi Lake Clam Fisheries Governance Council (ACFGC) which is a fisheries co-management council.
  • Responsible for science back-up for MSC ecolabel for the Ashtamudi Lake short- neck clam fishery - which is the first certified fishery in the country.
  • Developed advisories (66 recommendations) for management of marine fisheries of Kerala including extension of trawl ban and new ban for ring seiners
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