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Dr.S. Lakshmi Pillai

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Role:Principal Scientist
Focus of Research:
  • shrimp fisheries biology &  management
  • Crustacean taxonomy
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) based fisheries management

I joined CMFRI in the Crustacean Fisheries Division in the year 1996 after completing my post-graduation in marine biology in 1994. I took my Ph.D degree in Lobster reproductive biology in 2008.I have worked onCrustacean fisheries- biology and population dynamics both along the southeast and southwest coast of India.I have interest in crustacean taxonomy and have documented several species of brachyuran crabs from the southeast coast of India                              

  • PhD  2008  Calicut University
  • MSc  1994  Marine Biology, Cochin University of Science and Technology
  • BSc   1991  Zoology, University of Kerala   
Current Research Projects
No Title Funded By
1 GIS based resource mapping of distribution and abundance of finfishes and shellfishes off Indian coast for suggesting operational based strategies for fisheries management. CMFRI
2 Development of Fishery Management Plans (FMPs) for sustaining the marine fisheries of Kerala and Lakshadweep CMFRI
3 National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA) ICAR
Awards & Recognitions:
  • Sub-Editor – Indian Journal of Fisheries


Best 5 Publications:

1.S Lakshmi Pillai, Shoba JoeKizhakudan, E.V. Radhakrishnan and P. Thirumilu. (2014) Crustacean bycatch from trawl fishery along north Tamil Nadu coast.Indian Journal of Fisheries, 61 (2). pp. 7-13.

  1. S LakshmiPillai,Nasser, M and Sanil, N K (2014) Histology and ultrastructure of male reproductive system of the Indian Spiny lobster Panulirushomarus (Decapoda: Palinuridae). International Journal of Tropical Biology and Conservation / Revista de Biologia Tropical, 62 (2). pp. 533-541.

3.S LakshmiPillai andThirumilu, P (2013) Fishery and stock assessment of Metapenaeusdobsoni (Miers, 1878) off Chennai.Indian Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences, 42 (4). pp. 448-452.

4. S LakshmiPillai,Kizhakudan, Joe K and Thirumilu, P (2012)  Fishery and dynamics of the fiddler shrimp, Metapenaeopsisstridulans (Alcock, 1905) from Chennai coast.Journal of Marine Biological Association of India, 54 (2). pp. 90-93.

  1.  S LakshmiPillai and Thirumilu, P (2012) Fishery, biology and yield estimates of Portunussanguinolentus off Chennai. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India, 54 (1). pp. 73-76.
Links to other profiles:

1. S Lakshmi Pillai, Nasser, M and Sanil, N K (2014)

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