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Dr.Ramachandran C

Tel: +91 484 2346362; Cell: 
Role:Principal Scientist
Focus of Research:
  • Responsible Fisheries Extension
  • Fisheries Policy
  • Gender 

A PhD from IARI, New Delhi I joined CMFRI in 2000 after a three year stint in CRIDA, Hyderabad. My transition from “dry lands” to “deep seas” has been facilitated by an NFP sponsored Wageningen based-IAC training programme in 2002 and the continuing support from my colleagues and fisherfolk. I am passionately involved in the field of   Responsible Fisheries Extension which has been quite rewarding, though off late  I find addressing the issues of the “tropical water epistemological disconnect” a bit frustrating.  I have research interests in gender issues, fisheries & fisheries research policy and innovation systems too.

  • PhD  1997  Indian Agricultural Research Institute(IARI), New Delhi
  • MSc  1992  Agricultural Extension, Kerala Agricultural  University (KAU)
  • BSc   1988  Agriculture, Kerala  Agricultural University (KAU)         
Current Research Projects
No Title Funded By
1 Capacity development for Ecosystem based Responsible Fisheries Management in India-A Co-learning approach (FISHCMFRISIL 201202200022) CMFRI
2 Economics of marine fisheries and sustainable management: Policy Issues and Interventions (FISHCMFRISIL 201202200020) CMFRI
3 A Value Chain on Oceanic Tuna Fisheries in Lakshadweep Seas ICAR
Awards & Recognitions:
  • NFP fellowship to undertake  a 41 day short course at IAC, Wageningen , the Netherlands(2002)
  • Yamamoto price of JIFRS and presented at IIFET Conference, University of  Ports mouth,UK for contributions in Responsible Fisheries ( 2006)
  • Best paper award , 2nd Global Symposium on Gender and Fisheries( 2007)
  • Member , International evaluation study on  FAO CCRF ( 2011)


Best 5 Publications:

1. RamachandranC. 2006. Teaching to Fish or Learning Not to Finish? - Reinventing a Responsible Marine Fisheries Extension system In India. IIFET 2006 Portsmouth JIFRS Yamamoto Prize winning Paper .Journal of International Fisheries 7(1-2):93-108.
2. Ramachnadran.C.2002. Utharavadithva para matsyabandhana perumatta chattaom (FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries translated into Malayalam). CMFRI in Collaboration with FAO , Rome.Pp.57.
3. Ramachandran,C. and Sathiadhas ,R.2006. Marine resource conservation and management through a traditional community –based Institution-Case of Kadakkody(sea court) in Malabar coast of India. J. Mar.Biol. Ass. India.48(1):76-82.
4. Meryl Williams, Miriam Balgos, Ramachandran C, John Hambrey, Carlos Alberto Lima dos Santos , Victor Pouomogne 2012. Evaluation of FAO’s support to the implementation of the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries, Technical report ,Office of Evaluation, FAO, Rome,Pp176
5. Ramachandran C 2012. “A Sea of One’s Own!”- A perspective on the Gendered Political Ecology in Indian Mari culture . Asian Fisheries Science Spl Issue 25S:17-28.

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