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Dr.Kajal Chakraborty

Tel: 0484 4069936; Cell: 
Role:Principal Scientist
Focus of Research:
  • Bioactive molecule discovery from marine flora and fauna
  • Food chemistry and aquatic food product technology
  • Development of high value products as dietary supplements and health management 

I have more than ten years of research experience at CMFRI in the frontier area of marine bioprospecting, food chemistry, and bioactive molecule discovery with research records in the form of research papers in peer-reviewed journals and commercialized technologies. I have taken a leading role to develop and commercialise the nutraceutical products CadalminTM Green Mussel extract and CadalminTM Green Algal extract as effective green alternatives to the synthetic drugs to combat rheumatic arthritic pains. I have research interests in characterization of bioactive compounds and polyunsaturated fatty acids from marine organisms and their applications as dietary supplements and health management.

  • PhD  2003  Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi
  • MSc  1999  Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi
  • BSc   1996  Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, West Bengal
Current Research Projects
No Title Funded By
1 Nutrient profiling of fish as a food for health and dietary component ICAR
2 Characterization of polysaccharides and phenolics from marine macroalgae as defense metabolites against oxidative stress and inflammation DST-SERB
3 Polyunsaturated fatty acid enriched formulations from locally available low-value fish and fishery by-catch for use as nutraceuticals and aquafeed supplements DST-SERB
4 Drugs from the sea: Development of antimicrobial, antiinflammatory and anticancer agents from the marine-organisms and micro-organisms MoES
Awards & Recognitions:
  • 2013 Dr. C.V. Kulkarni Best Young Scientist Award from CIFE, Mumbai
  • 2008 Professors T.J. Pandian and A.J. Matty Award from Indian Fisheries Forum
  • 2008 Pran Vohra Award from Indian Science Congress Association
  • 2008 Appreciation Certificate from Dr. S. Ayyappan (Presently Hon’ble DG ICAR and Secretary DARE)
  • 2003 Gold Medal and best Ph.D. student award for outstanding academic performance and best Doctoral thesis.


Best 5 Publications:

1. Chakraborty, Kajal and Lipton, A P and Paulraj, R and Vijayan, K K (2010) Antibacterial labdane diterpenoids of Ulva fasciata Delile from southwestern coast of the Indian Peninsula. Food Chemistry, 119 (4). pp. 1399-1408.
2. Chakraborty, Kajal  and Vijayagopal, P  and Chakraborty, R D  and  Vijayan, K K (2010) Preparation of eicosapentaenoic acid concentrates from sardine oil by Bacillus circulans lipase. Food Chemistry, 120 . pp. 433-442.
3. Chakraborty, Kajal and Paulraj, R (2010) Sesquiterpenoids with free-radical-scavenging properties from marine macroalga Ulva fasciata Delile. Food Chemistry, 122 . pp. 31-41.
4. Chakraborty, Kajal and Lipton, A P and Paulraj, R  and Chakraborty, R D (2010) Guaiane sesquiterpenes from seaweed Ulva fasciata Delile and their antibacterial properties. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 45 . pp. 2237-2244.
5. Chakraborty, Kajal and Paulraj, R (2007) Eicosapentaenoic Acid Enrichment from Sardine Oil by Argentation Chromatography. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 55 . pp. 7586-7595.

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