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Dr.D. Prema

Tel: +91 484 2394867; Cell: 
Role:Principal Scientist
Focus of Research:
  • Sediment chemistry in coastal and marine environment 
  • Marine / coastal hydrohraphy
  • Contaminant metals in marine environment and biota 

Had masters’ degree and PhD in Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry in 1987 and 1992, respectively.  Joined Agricultural Research Service in 1992 and was working at CPCRI, from 1993 1998 on Soil Chemistry / Soil Fertility of plantation crops, in Crop Production Division of CPCRI.  From 1998, working in CMFRI,  in Fishery Environment Management Division, on coastal and marine environment, with special reference to sediment chemistry, sediment – water interactions, water quality (chemical) assessment, assessment contaminant metals in marine environment and biota, sediment chemistry of mangrove and sea-grass habitats and impact assessment of sediment and water 

  • PhD   1992 Kerala Agricultural University
  • MSc (Ag)  1987  Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry, Kerala Agricultural  University
  • BSc  (Ag)  1984  Agriculture, Kerala Agricultural  University
Current Research Projects
No Title Funded By
1 Ecosystem processes of   critical marine habitats and development of protocols for restoration CMFRI
2 Pollution and litter in the coastal and marine  ecosystem and their impact CMFRI
3 Development of Fishery Management Plans for Sustaining Marine Fisheries of Kerala and Lakshadweep CMFRI
4 National Initiative in Climate Resilient Agriculture ICAR
5 Eco-biological investigations on major pelagic fishes and ecological modeling of the epipelagic habitat off Kerala and Lakshadweep MoES / INCOIS
6 Towards developing models for prediction of recruitment success in major Indian marine fish stocks MoES / CMLRE
Awards & Recognitions:
  • Team member in the best poster award for the paper "Impact of altered river flow on the Biogeochemistry and productivity of the seas along the east and west coast of India" by Asian Fisheries Society (7th Indian Fisheries Forum) in 2005.


Best 5 Publications:

1. Prema, D.,  Sobhana, K S., Laxminarayana, A., Imelda, Joseph.,  Joseph, Shoji., Ignatius, Boby.,  Jeyabaskaran, R.,  Nandakumar, A., Khambadkar, L R.,  Anilkumar, P S., Shylaja, G and Rao, G Syda (2010) Observations on selected characteristics of water and sediment at the open sea cage culture site of Asian seabass Lates calcarifer (Bloch) off Cochin, south-west coast of India. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 57 (4). pp. 53-59.
2. Prema, D.,  Kripa, V.,  Mohamed, K S.,  Venkatesan, V.,  Valsala, K K.,  Joseph, Mathew.,  Alloycious, P S.,  Jenni, B.,  Anilkumar, P S.,  Mohan, Anjana.,  Bose, John .,  Saji Kumar, K K and Ragesh, N (2014) भारत के दक्षिण-पशिचम तट के अष्टमुडी झील में अवसाद और पानी की गुणता के परिवेश में सीपी संस्तरों का निर्धारण. विशेष प्रकाशन सं. 115 जलीय पारितंत्र का टिकाऊपन An appraisal of Sustainability of Aquatic Ecosystems (115). pp. 133-138.
3. Kripa, V., Mohamed, K S., Prema, D., Mohan, Anjana and Abhilash, K S (2014) Persistent occurrence of potential fishing zones in the southeastern Arabian Sea. Indian Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences, 43 (5). pp. 737-745.
4. Kaladharan, P., Krishnakumar, P K.,  Prema, D.,  Nandakumar, A.,  Khambadkar, L R and Valsala, K K (2011) Assimilative capacity of Cochin inshore waters with reference to contaminants received from the backwaters and the upstream areas. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 58 (2). pp. 75-83.
5. Kaladharan, P., Prema, D., Valsala, K K., Leelabhai, K S and Rajagopalan, M (2005) Trends in heavy metal concentrations in sediment, finfishes and shellfishes in inshore waters of Cochin, southwest coast of India. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India, 47 (1). pp. 1-7.

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