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CMFRI commercialized nutraceuticals for boosting innate immunity and use against osteoporosis

CMFRI commercialized nutraceuticals CadalminTM Immunoboost extract (CadalminTM IBe) for boosting innate immunity and Antiosteoporotic extract (CadalminTM AOe) for use against osteoporosis to Chazah Pharmaceuticals-a leading wellness and Pharmaceutical Company based at Kochi


CadalminTM Immunoboost extract (CadalminTM IBe) and Antiosteoporotic extract (CadalminTM AOe), two patent-protected nutraceutical products developed by ICAR-Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, as natural immune boosting agent and remedies for osteoporotic disorders, respectively from seaweeds, were commercialized with Chazah Pharmaceuticals Limited-a leading wellness and pharmaceutical company based at Kochi. Seaweeds are the natural bounty of the Sea, and are known for their extraordinary medicinal properties. Dr. A. Gopalakrishnan, Director, ICAR-CMFRI signed an exclusive license agreement with Mr. Roy Abraham (Managing Partner), along with Adv. Mathew John on 7th September 2021 with a license fee of Rs. 8 lakhs and royalty @ 5% on net profit for 10 years for their commercial production and marketing.


Nutraceuticals for use as natural immune boosting agent and remedies for osteoporotic disorders were commercialized to Chazah Pharmaceuticals Limited, Kochi with a license fee of Rs. 8 lakhs and royalty @ 5% on net profit for 10 years for commercial production and marketing


CadalminTM IBe, a novel immunity boosting nutraceutical, helps to improve the innate immune system. It contains 100% natural marine bioactive ingredients extracted from selected seaweeds. The bioactive ingredients in CadalminTM IBe were found to increase the innate immune response (non-specific) by regulating nuclear factor ?B along with oxidative stress markers, such as inducible nitric oxide synthetase, lipid peroxidase, pro-inflammatory cyclooxygenases/5-lipoxygenase, bradykinin, inflammatory prostaglandins (PGE2 and PGF2?), and leukotrienes (LTB4). The chemical structure of active principles in CadalminTM IBe benefits immune system since immune cells recognize (1?3) linkages and are primed by the active principles in the product, and therefore, benefits immune health. Bioactive ingredients in CadalminTM IBe also effectively suppress the oxidative agents causing the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) that could further implicate the reduced ROS-mediated inflammatory response and greater immunity.



CadalminTM AOe, an anti-osteoporetic nutraceutical is a natural remedy for osteoporosis, contains 100% natural marine bioactive ingredients extracted from seaweeds. The bioactive ingredients in CadalminTM AOe were found to increase the activity of alkaline phosphatase and bone morphogenic protein, along with higher serum osteocalcin levels and prominent mineralization, which were corroborated with increases in bone mineral density, and were found to be effective for bone health development. Animal model studies showed that treatment of osteoblasts cells with CadalminTM AOe significantly increased the mineralized nodule formation up to 83%, which constitutes a promising anti-osteoporetic efficacy of the nutraceutical. The bioactive ingredients in CadalminTM AOe also effectively suppress the osteoclast activity (degradation of mineral on bone surface) and increases the alkaline phosphatase activities, which are related to osteoblastic cell formation in bone tissue to combat osteoporotic related disorders and improve the bone health.

These nutraceutical products contain 100% natural marine bioactive ingredients from selected seaweeds by patented technologies, and would be made available in 400 mg plant-based capsules to meet the dietary needs of the large vegetarian population in India and abroad, by Chazah Pharmaceuticals Limited. Preclinical trials showed no side-effects and toxicity related significant changes in the mammalian subjects. These nutraceutical products were prepared from seaweeds, which are commonly available in the Indian coastal waters. The ICAR-CMFRI is in the process of developing more health products from seaweeds towards their utilization based on the National Policy to harness the potential of this natural wealth of Indian coastal waters. These products will be manufactured and marketed by Chazah Pharmaceuticals Limited, Kochi.


Indian nutraceuticals market has been growing at the compound annual growth rate of 20% for the past three years, particularly in the segments of functional food products, antioxidants, and immunity boosters. India’s growth of nutraceuticals is in double digits and this is significantly more than the global surge of 7%. All this is a strong indicator of the proliferation of the specific segments of nutraceuticals in India and its acceptance by the Indian consumer, and healthcare providers ( With increasing health awareness, and the shift towards preventative health care, immunity-boosting and increased regulatory clarity, India’s future in this segment is promising. 

CMFRI adjudged as best research institute under ICAR

CMFRI adjudged as best research institute under ICAR

CMFRI wins ICAR’s highest award

The Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) has been adjudged as the best research institute of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). The CMFRI won the Sardar Patel Outstanding ICAR institutions award, the highest award of the ICAR in the category of the large institutions with a cash prize of Rs 10 Lakhs, a Silver Plaque, Certificate and Citation.This is in recognition of CMFRI’s excellent performance in marine fisheries research during the period from 2014 to 2019.


This is the second time CMFRI bagging this prestigious award. Various cutting edge research activities including development of mariculture technologies such as open sea cage fish farming, seaweed farming, integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA) and breeding and seed production technologies for marine food fish and ornamental fishes which were aimed to enhance the income of fishermen helped CMFRI achieving the highest ranking among more than 110 agricultural and allied research institutes in the country. CMFRI’s efforts on preparing a range of policy guidelines, including the works on minimum legal size (MLS), National Policy on Mariculture and ecosystem-based management towards the sustainable utilization of marine fisheries resources were well appreciated. Its research initiatives in developing nutraceutical products from marine organisms to treat type 2 diabetes, arthritis, obesity, thyroid and hypertension also played a major role in winning the award. In addition, the institute exhibited leadership in winning several externally funded research projects such as National Brood bank for Cobia and Silver pompano and a Centre of Excellence and Innovation  funded by the DBT. The institute also obtained many patents during the period.