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CMFRI and Space Applications Centre (SAC) of the ISRO signed MoU


Objectives & Work Components


  • Studying the spawning behaviour of economically important fishes in relation to climatic factors to harness the beneficial effects of climate change.
  • Unravel the relationship between climatic factors and chlorophyll on abundance of major fishes.
  • Demonstrate the climate coping technologies in marine fisheries to primary and secondary stakeholders.
  • Climate change modelling and projections for Indian marine fisheries sector.
  • NICRA Phase II Work Components

  • Phenology, Trophodynamics & Abundance estimation
  • Spatio-temporal studies on Habitat Shift & Species Distribution
  • Vulnerability assessment and predictive modelling of key marine species
  • Critical Habitat management
  • Carbon sequestration studies
  • Blue Carbon potential
  • Climate resilient product development
  • National Resilience Framework for Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Climate resilient technology development and popularizing
  • Scientific events, workshops on capacity building

  • NICRA Phase I Work Components

  • Capture Fisheries and Modelling
  • Mariculture
    • Cage farming of Pompano
    • Integrated Multi Trophic Aquaculture
  • Technology Demonstration
  • Participatory Programmes
  • Training programmes
  • Capacity development programmes


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