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Technology Demonstration
Integration of Scientific fin fish farming along with traditional Pokkali paddy cultivation was done at Ernakulam District of Kerala. 7 farmers came forward as partners. Mullet, pearl spot and Pompano were used for the demonstration.

  • The demonstrated technology of cage culture of fin fish resulted additional net income of 0.80 lakhs/ha resulting
    a total net income of INR 1.3 lakhs/ha. The net income in case of paddy cultivation alone would be INR 0.15 lakhs/ha,
    whereas paddy and shrimp together give income of only 0.50 lakhs/ha.  Got wide coverage in press and visual media.
  • In 2013-14, field demonstrations  are being carried out in three new Pokkali farms at Nedungad, Kumbalangi and Kadamakkudy for Pearl spot, Mullet, Pompano species. Fish seeds have been introduced in the cages during November.
  • A new candidate fish Pompano (Trachinotus blochii) introduced for culture in low saline waters for first time in Kerala. The fish is performing well in Pokkali fields.
  • Formulated pellet feed for Pearl spot, Etroplus surratensis larvae and juveniles developed under CADALMINTM brand in the trade name - Pearl Plus for feeding pearl spot during Pokkali integrated farming.



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