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Participatory programmes

Adaptation measures

Propagation of small estuarine cages:

Udupi district was identified as the highly vulnerable district for sea level rise in Karnataka. Sea level rise and salinity intrusion to estuaries found to  influence the livelihood of estuarine fishermen. Demonstration of small finfish cages for culturing marine fishes as alternative livelihood and empowerment of fishermen, which was adopted by many fishermen.

Mitigation measures

  • Mangrove planting in shallow extensive and semi-intensive shrimp ponds to abate stress due to high SST was undertaken in Alleppey.


  • Vetiver slips planted at Arthunkal, Alapuzha to prevent erosion due to sea level rise since mangroves could not be planted on the sandy soil of the sea shore.


    Impact of cyclone on coastal population and fisheries during 2000-2013 was studied

    No of Cyclones

    Life Loss

    Fishing days loss

    Catch loss

    Value loss





    19,854 crores



    • The loss of life and property has considerably reduced during recent years by early forecast and warning and better disaster management system in place.
    • However, there is scope for improving the warning and disaster warning systems.
    • ITK and awareness building and effective networking will further reduce the losses

    Workshop on ITK in climate change

    Climate change- Awareness meets and workshop



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