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Warm greetings to all.

In 2015 several countries including India committed themselves to implement a new Sustainable Development Agenda having 17 goals and specific targets to be achieved over the next 15 years, proposed by the United Nations. Poverty eradication, shifting to sustainable methods of production and exploitation of natural resources and good governance are the key factors in the inclusive and sustainable development model. Besides the government and private sector, all stakeholders including the civil society have a vital role to play to achieve these goals. Sustainable Development Goal 14 Life Below Water, is one among the 17 SDGs identified by the UN. In this context the discussions in the recent workshop hosted by ICAR-CMFRI in collaboration with NITI Aayog and WWF India is an important step forward. The institute has now developed a technology for the mass seed production of the Indian pompano and added to the list of prioritised marine fish species with standardised seed production technologies. The Platinum Jubilee Year celebrations that continued in year 2017 had several initiatives like organising of training programmes and workshops involving stakeholders and the public at the research centres of the institute. The National Workshop on Harmonizing coastal industrialization with marine ecosystem health (HCIMEH 2017) brought several stakeholders on a common platform to discuss important issues related to holistic development and environmental sustainability of the coastal belt. Application of remote sensing and allied technologies for the benefit of society is gaining importance worldwide. The institute is organising an international symposium on remote sensing for ecosystem analysis and fisheries shortly. I extend best wishes to all, as we jointly strive to achieve the targets set.


Dr. A. Gopalakrishnan



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