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Thrust areas of research

To monitor and assess the marine fishery and resources along Northwest coast of India and formulation of better management plans for its sustainability.
To develop suitable mariculture technologies for finfish, shellfish and other cultivable organisms in open seas off Gujarat coast.
To understand the fluctuations in abundance of marine resources in relation to change in the environment.
To conduct transfer of technology, post graduate and specialized training, education and extension education programmes.
To provide consultancy services.


Ongoing Research Projects

a. In-house Projects

Remote sensing assisted biodynamic forecasting paradigm for Indian marine fishery resources
Development of Fishery Management Plans for sustainable Marine Fisheries of Gujarat
Assessment of elasmobranchs along the Indian seas
Development of Strategies to sustain the stock and fishery of large pelagic in Indian waters
GIS Based Resource Mapping of distribution and abundance of finfishes and shellfishes of Indian coast for suggesting operational based strategies for fisheries management
Bioinventorying and biodiversity valuation of marine organisms in selected marine ecosystems along the Indian coast
Investigations on vulnerable coral reef ecosystems of Indian waters with special emphasis on formulation of management measures for conservation
Assessment of fishing impacted biodiversity loss, with special reference to the threatened species, to formulate management options for their protection
Ecosystem process of critical marine habitats and development of protocols for restoration
Pollution and litter in the coastal and marine ecosystem and their impact
Innovations in cage farming and coastal mariculture
National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA) – Marine Fisheries Component
Establishment of sea cage farm for the Tribals of Gujarat Under Tribal Sub Plan

b. Consultancy Projects

Whale Shark Project: Collaborative consultancy programme on Whale Shark Conservation with Wild Life Trust of India (WTI) 2010 -11.

Completed Research Projects

a. In house Projects

Development of Management advisories for sustaining marine fisheries of Gujarat
Strategies for sustaining tuna fisheries along the coast of India
Resource damage assessment in marine fisheries: impact of selective fishing of juveniles and bycatch and discards in trawl fishes
Application of trophic modelling in marine fisheries management
Impact of anthropogenic activities on coastal marine environment and fisheries
Impact and yield study of environmental change on the distribution shift in small pelagics along the Indian coast
Pathogen profiling, diagnostics and health management in maricultured finfish and shellfish

b. Sponsored Projects

Assessment of myctophid resources in the Arabian Sea and Development of harvest and post-harvest technologies (MoES)
Demonstration of responsible fishing practices for the trawl fisheries of Gujarat state (MPEDA)
Open sea cage culture demonstration farms in India (NFDB)
Development of a library of putative probionts from marine environment belonging to the genus Pseudomonas, Micrococcus and Bacillus for application in mariculture systems (ICAR-AMAAS)

Significant Achievements in the last 5 years


  • Technology of Fattening lobster, Panulirus polyphagus in sea cages to the marketable size.
  • Low cost, light weight, 4 metre GI cages with a depth of 2.5 metre was developed which are compatible for lobster farming in the open water off Veraval coast
  • All-weather mooring design for gabion which can withstand the rough weather conditions during the monsoon.
  • Establishment of a sea farm at Prabhas Pathan, Somnath that comprise 22 sea cages.
  • An SST of > 26 0C was identified to be the preferred temperature for the spawning of Nemipterus japonicas under works carried out under NICRA.

List of scientific /technical staff with designations

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