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Thrust Areas of Research

Inventorying, stock assessment and monitoring of marine fisheries resources and environment of Gulf of Mannar
Breeding & seed production of commercial/endangered mollusks; tissue culture of marine mollusk for in-vitro pearl production
Live feed culture for fin-fish and shell fish larval rearing
Assessment of fisheries economics and marketing
Training and manpower development in fish stock assessment, SCUBA diving, environmental monitoring & cultured pearl production


Ongoing Research Projects

a. In-house Projects

Remote sensing assisted biodynamic forecasting paradigm for Indian Marine fishery resources
Assessment of elasmobranch resources in the Indian seas
Development of strategies for sustaining large pelagic along the coast of India.
Development of Fishery Management Plans for sustaining marine Fisheries of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.
GIS based resource mapping of distribution and abundance of finfishes and shell fishes off Indian coast for suggesting operational based strategies for fisheries management
Development of Fishery Management Plans (FMPs) for the bivalve fisheries of India
Evaluation of ornamental gastropod fisheries and assessment of shell craft industry
Sustainable molluscan mariculture practices
Bio inventorying and biodiversity valuation of marine organisms in selected marine eco systems along the Indian coast
Investigation on vulnerable coral reef ecosystems of Indian waters with special emphasis on formulation of management measures for conservation
Assessment of fishing impacts on biodiversity loss, with special reference to the threatened species to formulate management options for their protection
Ecosystem process of critical marine habitats and development of protocols for restoration”
Pollution and litter in the coastal and marine ecosystem and their impact
Economics of Marine fisheries and sustainable management policy issues and interventions
An Input Output economic optimization model for marine fisheries at Tuticorin Fishing Harbour
Supply chain management of marine fisheries sector in India
Development and standardisation of seed production technologies of selected high value finfishes and shellfishes
Innovations in sea cage farming and coastal mariculture
Aquatic feed biotechnology for mariculture and aquariculture
Genetics, Genomics and biotechnological applications in mariculture and fishery resources management
Development of tissue culture technology for invitro production of pearls from the blacklip pearl oyster Pinctada margaritifera and refinement of in vitro pearl formation in Pinctada fucata
Derivation and characterization of embryonic (ES) and induced pluripotent (iPS) stem cell from selected marine fish species aimed at mariculture/conservation
Assessment and valuation of Island Biodiversity

b. Sponsored Projects

Seed Production in Agricultural Crops and Fisheries-Microalgae
National Initiative on climate resilient agriculture (NICRA)- Marine Fisheries
Mapping and resource assessment of pearl oyster banks of Tuticorin (Central Division) of Gulf of Mannar.
Assessment of Myctophid Resources in the Arabian Sea
Resources assessment and barcoding of elasmobranchs

Completed Research Projects

a. In-house Projects

Management advisories for sustaining marine fisheries of Kerala and Lakshadweep
Strategies for sustaining tuna fisheries along Indian Coast
Management advisories for sustaining marine fisheries of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry
Recruitment dynamics of penaeid shrimps along the Indian coast
Impact of anthropogenic activities on coastal marine environment and fisheries
Impact and yield study of environmental changes on the distribution shifts in small pelagic along the coast
Technology development for seed production of shellfish
Technological up gradation of molluscan mariculture
Technology Development of brood stock, captive breeding and seed production techniques for selected marine food fishes and ornamental fishes ii) Breeding and seed production of Grouper i) Live feed culture
Mariculture of selected species of conservation importance
Understanding the threatened coral reef ecosystems of Southern India and designing interventions aimed at their restorations
Sustainability profiling of major fisheries off Kerala – a multi-dimensional scaling approach .

b.Sponsored Projects

Demonstration and transfer of technology of marine pearl culture (Pinctada fucata)

Significant Achievements in the last 5 years


  • Seed production and cultured pearl farming techniques of pearl oysters, Pinctada fuctata and P. margaritifera.
  • Seed production and farming techniques of edible oyster, Crassostrea madrasensis;
  • Seed production and farming techniques of clams, Anadara granosa, Meretrix meretrix, M. casta, Paphia malabarica & Marcia opima.
  • Technology for seed production of sea cucumbers, Holothuria scabra and H. spinifera
  • Breeding and rearing of cephalopods i.e., Sepiella inermis
  • Breeding and rearing of mud crab i.e., Scylla serrata
  • Breeding and seed production of conservation important gastropods
  • Basic techniques for tissue cultured pearl production
  • Documentation of rare/endangered/vulnerable species from Gulf of Mannar
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