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Role:Principal Scientist
Focus of Research:
  • Fisheries Extension Management
  • Gender Mainstreaming
  • Self Help Group Dynamics

After masters in Agricultural Extension from KAU, I had a brief stint of 2 years as Project Manager in Kerala Horticulture Development Programme (KHDP), a joint venture of Commission of European Communities & Govt. of Kerala. Then I moved to IARI, New Delhi for PhD in Ag. Extension Management. Thereafter, I am working in Socio Economic Evaluation & Technology Transfer Division of CMFRI focussing on extension research and right now, also as Manager of Agricultural Technology Information Centre (ATIC) taking care of practical extension. As per the national and international recognitions attained, I focused on the research on SHGs in Indian fisheries sector. My projects on coastal indebtedness and impact of microfinance & gender mainstreaming brought out interactive multi-media cyber extension packages as ICT modules and documentaries. The recognition received as ‘Commented Paper’ in Asian Fisheries Forum, orientation training on Evaluation Capacity Building on Rural Resource Management by Michigan State University, USA & International Development Research Centre, Canada, training received on Empowering Vulnerable Stakeholder Groups by UPM (Universiti Putra Malaysia) etc. also fortified me to contribute more to gender mainstreaming perspective and women empowerment paradigm as the prime foci of research. I am also getting established as a professional behavioural trainer in Leadership and Personal Effectiveness.

  • ·         PhD (Agricultural Extension Management): 1998, Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi

    ·         MSc (Agricultural Extension): 1994, Kerala Agricultural University, Thrissur.

    ·         PGDPR & J: 1996, Post Graduate Diplomas in Public Relations & Journalism, School of Communication & Management Studies (SCMS), Kochi.

    ·         BSc (Agriculture): 1990, Kerala Agricultural University, Thrissur.

Current Research Projects
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1An Inclusive Perspective of Gender Mainstreaming in Indian FisheriesSector


2Empowerment of Scheduled Caste Fisherfolk through EntrepreneurialCapacity Building of Self Help Groups in Marine Sector


3Responsible Marine Fisheries Governance: Compliance Analysis andPeripatetic Capacity Development


4Popularizing eco-friendly molluscan farming strategies


5Supply Chain Management of Marine Fisheries Sector In India


6Development of Fishery Management Plans for sustaining Marine Fisheriesof Maharashtra


7Gender Mainstreaming and Impact of Self Help Groups in Marine Fisheries Sector


8Fisher welfare impact assessment on the satellite based Ocean information services


Awards & Recognitions:

  • ‘IARI Gold Medal’ for outstanding academic performance and meritorious PhD thesis in IARI, New Delhi. (1999).

  • ‘Young Scientist Award’ of Indian Society of Extension Education (ISEE), New Delhi (2005).
  • ‘Best Paper Award’ of Indian Society of Extension Education (ISEE) in National Seminar on “Green to Evergreen: Challenges to Extension Education, at IARI, New Delhi (2005).
  • ‘Best Paper Award’ of Indian Society of Extension Education (ISEE) in National Seminar on “ICT: Opportunities & Challenges for Revitalizing Extension System” at Navsari Agricultural University, Gujarat (2006).
  • ‘Commended Paper Award’ of Asian Fisheries Society, Philippines in the international seminar ‘8th Asian Fisheries Forum’ Special Symposium on ‘Gender and Fisheries’ (2007).
  • ‘Best Paper Award’ in International seminar on Ecosystem conservation, Climate change and Sustainable development (ECOCASD-2013) jointly organised by Ambo University, Ethiopia, University of Kerala & Directorate of Environment and Climate Change, Govt. of Kerala (2013).
  • ‘Best Paper Award’ in National official language scientific seminar on “Mariculture” CMFRI Rajbhasha Section (2016).



Best 5 Publications:

Vipinkumar, V.P.  Swathi Lekshmi, P.S. Ramachandran, C. Narayanakumar, R. Shyam, S Salim, Johnson, B. Gills, Reshma, Jayasankar Reeta, Aswathy, N., Athira, P.V., Dona, P. and Salas, Shalumol .2020. The paradigm of gender mainstreaming and impact of SHGs in Indian fisheries sector: an ephemeral depiction. Multilogic in Science, 10 (35). pp. 1293-1296. ISSN 2277-7601

Vipinkumar, V.P., Gills, Reshma, Swathi Lekshmi, P.S, Narayanakumar, R., Ramachandran, C. Subramanniyan, Shinoj, Vikas, P.A., Aswathy, N., Athira, P.V. and Ambrose, T.V. 2020. Women SHGs in the Midst of Covid 19 Pandemic: A Cautionary Glimpse on a Transition in Kerala Fisheries. Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Biosciences, 8 (6). pp. 16-27. ISSN 2582 – 2845

Vipinkumar, V.P, Narayanakumar, R., Ramachandran, C, Gills, Reshma, Harshan, N.K., Athira, P.V., Jephi, Annmary, Dhanya, G. Shalumol, S., and Dona, P .2018. Gender Mainstreaming in Women SHGs through Seafood Kitchens in Kerala: An Appraisal. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India, 60 (2). pp. 59-66.

Vipinkumar,V.P, Sahoo,P.K, Srinath, Krishna, Ambrose,T.V and Jiban Dash,S.S. 2013. Gender perspectives and dynamics of bivalve farming Self Help Groups. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 60 (3). pp. 59-66.

Vipinkumar,V.P, Shyam,S.Salim, Narayanakumar,R, Sathiadhas,R, Madan,M.S, Ramachandran,C, Swathilekshmi,P.S and Johnson,B. 2013. Coastal Rural Indebtedness and Impact of Microfinance in Marine Fisheries Sector. Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Kochi, e book, 138pp.

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