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Dr.Srinivasa Raghavan.V

Tel: 044-64505444; Cell: 87 54 57 89 64
Role:Senior Scientist
Focus of Research:
  • Genetics & Genomics
  • Animal Cell Culture

Post, Doctoral degree completion, I have worked as Research Scientist in the Drug Safety evaluation department of Ranbaxy Research Laboratories, Gurgaon, as Junior Scientist at Aravind Medical Research Foundation, Aravind Eye Hospitals, Madurai and as Assistant Professor in the department of Animal Genetics & Breeding, Sher–e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences & Technology, Jammu & Kashmir. 

  • PhD, 2006  National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal, Haryana
  • MVSc, 2002  National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal, Haryana
  • BVSc, 2000  Madras Veterinary College, Tamil Nadu Veterinary & Animal Sciences University
Current Research Projects
No Title Funded By
1 Development of tissue culture technology for in- vitro production of pearls from the black-lip pearl oyster Pinctada margaritifera and refinement of in-vitro pearl formation in Pinctada fucata CMFRI
2 Genetics, genomics and biotechnological applications in mariculture and fisheries resource management CMFRI
3 Health management in selected finfish and shellfish for mariculture and aquariculture and bioprospecting from marine resources CMFRI
Awards & Recognitions:
  • Awarded TANUVAS Merit Scholarship in B.V.Sc program (1993 – 1999).
  • Awarded Junior Research Fellowship for pursuing NDRI (2000 – 2002).
  • Awarded Senior Research Fellowship for pursuing NDRI (2002 – 2006).


Best 5 Publications:

1. Srinivasa Raghavan. V. and I. D. Gupta. Bovine Somatotropin Gene Polymorphism in Sahiwal cattle. 2008. The Indian Journal of Dairy Science, 61(2), 141-142.
2. Economic efficiency of mechanized fishing in Tamil Nadu – A case study in Chennai”, R.Geetha., R.Narayanakumar., Shyam.S.Salim., N.Aswathy., S.Chandrasekar., Srinivasa Raghavan.V and Indira Divipala. Indian J. Fish., 61(4): 31-35, 2014.
3. Marker Assisted Selection in Shrimps. K.Vinaya Kumar and Srinivasa Raghavan.V. In Frontiers in Aquaculture., 175 -193 Ed. by JK Sundaray., M.Sukham., RK Mohanty and SK.Otta. 2014., Narendra Publishing House., 366p

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