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Smt.Reshma K.J

Tel: ; Cell: +918113983452
Focus of Research:

Aquatic animal health management


Graduated in ‘Fisheries Sciences, (BFSc.) from Kerala Agricultural University during 2004-2009. Completed Masters in Fish Pathology and microbiology (MFSc) from Central Institute of Fisheries Education (CIFE), Mumbai during August 2009-2011. MFSc was done under the mentorship of Dr K V Rajendran, with research focus on disease diagnosis of WSSV (White Spot Syndrome Virus) in shrimp (Penaeus monodon). Later, PhD was registered under the same mentorship during 2011 on the topic “Identification and characterization of some immune genes in Mud crab Scylla serrata”. PhD was temporarily discontinued as I was selected as ICAR-ARS scientist in 2014. I joined CMFRI on April 2014, in Marine Biotechnology Division, Kochi.

  • MFSc 2011, Central Institute of Fisheries Education (CIFE), Mumbai
  • BFSc. 2009 Kerala Agricultural University
Current Research Projects
Awards & Recognitions:
  • Awarded ‘Best Poster Presentation Award’ at 8th Symposium on Disease in Asian Aquaculture, 2011 organized by College of Fisheries, Manglore and Fish Health Section of Asian Fisheries Society.
  • Awarded Institutional Fellowship for pursuing PhD in Aquatic Animal Health Management at Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Mumbai
  • Awarded ICAR- JRF for pursuing MFSc in Fish Pathology and Microbiology at Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Mumbai
  • Awarded Merit Certificate for the presentation of project report on ‘Scientific Utility of Water’ in the KSSP Children’s Science Congress, 1996 at Eloor, Kochi

Reshma KJ, Yadav R, Makesh M, Purushothaman CS, Rajendran KV. (2011). Comparative evaluation of latency-associated genes of white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) for developing PCR test to detect latent infection. Book of Abstracts. Asian Fishereis Society-2011. November 21-25, Manglore. p.138

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