Indian Council of Agricultural Research
  • Established in 1948 as Mackerel Research Unit    
  • Marine cage farms in the sea off Karwar
  • Newly designed low cost cage systems
  • Harvested seabass Lates calcarifer

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Thrust Areas of Research:

Development of sustainable technologies for cage culture of high value food fishes.
Brood stock development, breeding and nursery rearing of high value food fishes.
Providing consultancy services to the state of Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka for undertaking open sea cage farming with the involvement of local fishermen
Development and standardization of health and environmental protocols to support open sea cage farming
Monitoring the resource characteristics of exploited finfish and shellfish along the north Karnataka and Goa coast


Ongoing Research Projects:

a. In-house projects :

GIS based resource mapping of distribution and abundance of finfishes and shellfishes off Indian coast for suggesting operational based strategies for fisheries management
Development and standardization of   seed production technologies of selected high value finfishes and shellfishes
Innovations in sea cage farming and coastal mariculture
Health Management in selected finfish and shellfish for mariculture and Aquariculture & bio prospecting from marine resources
Aquatic feed biotechnology for mariculture and aquaculture                              
Development of fishery management plans for sustaining marine fisheries of Karnataka and Goa
Development of fishery management plans (FMPs) for the bivalve fisheries of India
Critical Assessment of Reproductive strategies and growth pattern of selected high value fishes for mariculture

b. Sponsored Projects :

All India network project on Fish Health (ANP -Fish Health)

National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture

Mapping of deep- sea and hypersaline microbiota and their characterization using meta-omics approaches for bioprospecting of novel genes

All India Network Project on Mariculture (ANP-Mariculture)

c. Consultancy Projects :

Development of fresh water, brackish water and marine aquarium at Surat   (Funded by Surat Muncipal Corporation)

 Completed Research Projects:

Completed In-house projects :

Management Advisories for sustaining marine fisheries of  Karnataka and Goa
Assessment of biodiversity and ecological changes in open sea cage farming
Pathogen profiling, diagnostics and health management in maricultured finfish and shell fish
Resource damage assessment in marine fisheries: impact of selective fishing of juvenile sand bycatch and discards in trawl fisheries
Development of brood stock, captive breeding and seed production techniques for selected marine food fishes and ornamental fishes
Innovations in sea cage farming and development of sustainable Capture Based Aquaculture systems
Development of knowledge based information system for marine fisheries sustainability
Understanding the threatened coral reef ecosystems of southern India and designing interventions aimed at their restoration.

Completed sponsored projects:

Open sea floating cage farm for R & D in marine finfish and shellfish production (MoA)

Completed consultancy project:

Rapid impact assessment of Karwar waters for identifying Cage culture sites (Funded by Marine Products Export Development Authority, Kochi).

Significant Achievements in the last 5 years


  • Developed low cost steel cages of various sizes for open sea culture of finfish
  • State of the art nursery rearing technology for Asian seabass and cobia
  • Technology for culture of cobia and Asian seabass in open sea cages
  • State of the art ‘all weather mooring system’ for open sea cage culture of finfish
  • Transportation of fish seeds/ juveniles for long distances
  • Infection of cobia with Photobactirium damselae subsp damselae, Asian sea bass with Vibrio alginolyticus and red snappers with Vibrio harveyi was reported for the first time by systematic molecular, biochemical and histopathological characterization
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