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  • Dr. A. Gopalakrishnan, Director

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Warm greetings to all.

The passing away of our beloved former Director, Dr. E. G. Silas on April 27, 2018 was an irreparable loss to the fisheries fraternity and ICAR-CMFRI in particular. His far-sighted actions and guidance as the Director of the institute during 1975-85 period will forever be remembered. The asprirations and expectations of the fishermen and marine fish farmers in the country are rising. The institute remains committed to the goals of a clean and sustainable marine fisheries sector. The deliberations held at the recently concluded Conference on Marine Debris (CoMaD) high lighted that prevention of plastic pollution is a critical factor for protecting the marine environment and its resources, which all stakeholders have to seriously consider. The marine fish production from the capture fisheries sector can be supplemented through mariculture activities which can enhance incomes of the fisherfolk. The series of training programmes on cage culture in the open seas, initiated in the various maritime states with NFDB funding has progressed well during this quarter and augurs well for the fisheries sector. 

Dr. A. Gopalakrishnan



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